About Us

The Racine Education Association(REA)and the Racine Educational Assistants Association(REAA) are the local unions representing teachers, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and educational assistants in the Racine Unified School District.  We use the term professional union because we are both a professional association and a union.

In addition to our elected leaders, we have three professional staff helping to carry out our policies and programs and ensure member rights are protected.  The staff is currently headed by the Interim Executive Director who manages the rest of the staff, the program and the facilities for the REA and the REAA under the close guidance of the leadership of both unions.

We are a democratically run association operating with a group of dedicated unpaid Association Representatives in each building.  Our elected governance sets the policy for our locals and determines what programs we provide.  Every member participates in electing the leadership.

Angelina Cruz, President (REA)            Gwendolyn Shaw Scott, President, (REAA)

Ryan Knudson, Vice President (REA)         Hope Johnson, Vice President (REAA)