Election Watch: WEAC PAC recommends Sarah Godlewski for State Treasurer

Sarah Godlewski

The WEAC Political Action Committee has voted to recommend Sarah Godlewski for the Wisconsin State Treasurer constitutional office position. This PAC recommendation is based upon the WEAC PAC screening all candidates who agreed to meet with the committee.

The primary election is August 14, and the general election is November 6.

In recommending Godlewski, the WEAC PAC said:

Ms. Godlewski has a strong understanding of the important position the State Treasurer has within Wisconsin state government. Ms. Godlewski’s strength in understanding the role of a CFO and auditor when it comes to financial transparency and internal controls is most impressive. Wisconsin is one of the few states that does not use general accounting practices to prevent the occurrence of fraud and fiscal mismanagement within state government.

We believe Ms. Godlewski will be a strong advocate for our public schools when it comes to overseeing the general school fund that supports libraries, technology and energy efficiency in our public schools. In addition, Ms. Godlewski seeks to expand student loan forgiveness, as well as establishing low interest student loan repayment plans.

Find out more at Sarah Godlewski’s website.

This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members.