WEAC campaign promotes key role of union for public school educators

Back_To_School_Video_350pxNationally, public schools will see about 250,000 new hires this school year. Wisconsin is part of that influx of new educators, and WEAC is welcoming all of them with a digital campaign that promotes the key role of union for public school educators. The videos are featured during the back-to-school season, and promoted on social media sites frequented by educators.

“WEAC is proud to promote the link between our union and excellence in the education professions,” said WEAC President Ron Martin, an eighth grade social studies teacher. “I’m sharing these videos on my Facebook page and with all the new educators I meet, and I hope all WEAC members do the same.”

Featuring new and longtime educators, the digital videos created in partnership with the NEA take a glimpse into how belonging to our union improves professional practice and makes a difference in the lives of our students. See the 90-second spots at www.weac.org/inspire, and share the shorter versions that are appearing on your social media networks to help spread the word.

The video series feature Josh Jackson, a fifth grade teacher; Patricia Ryan, a special education teacher; Tamara Schick, a sixth grade teacher; and Jeremy Pagel, a technical college instructor.

“I have been a WEAC member for three years and I joined because WEAC is on the front lines fighting for educators and the environment educators have in their classrooms,” Jackson says in the video ads.

“I joined WEAC because of the great opportunities and professional development they offer,” Ryan offers.

“As an educator, growth is important and WEAC supports that with whatever professional development an educator may need to continue to grow,” Schick says. “WEAC has made me a better teacher. WEAC is there to help you do a very tough job, every day.”

“I wouldn’t have survived my first few years without my fellow teachers, those veteran teachers who were there to advise me and help me grow,” Pagel adds.

We’re all in this together, and that means sharing the good work of union with our colleagues. If you know a WEAC member who would be a great fit for our video campaign in the future, email communications@weac.org.

View the 90-second videos here: