Parents, educators, students and citizens rally for public education

Sun Prairie parent Heather DuBois Bourenane talks with media at a Pep Rally for Public Schools in Sun Prairie.

Sun Prairie parent Heather DuBois Bourenane talks with media at a Pep Rally for Public Schools in Sun Prairie.

At events throughout the state, parents, educators, students and citizens rallied in a Day of Action to celebrate public education Monday. At a time when the State Legislature is debating measures that will dramatically shift taxpayer money from public to private schools and undermine the teaching profession, communities are rallying to demonstrate their strong support for their neighborhood public schools. Activities on Monday included a Pep Rally for Public Schools in Sun Prairie, where speakers featured area public school superintendents, students, parents and teachers, all calling on the Legislature to support public education, students and public school educators.

Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser listed 12 Reasons Strong Public Schools are Good for Communities:

  1. You give our schools a sense of identity.
  2. You provide meeting places in our communities where we can gather to share ideas, make plans to improve our communities and to socialize.
  3. You bring culture into our communities through your music and drama performances.
  4. Your civics classes instill in our youth the importance of civic engagement and teaches them to be good citizens who support our schools and our communities.
  5. You are the melting pot where the new ethnic groups and cultures merge with those already in our communities.
  6. You are significant employers in our communities.
  7. You provide opportunities to volunteer, which enhances the self-worth and fulfillment of many people in our communities.
  8. Your sports programs provide recreational activities for the entire community while creating a sense of pride in our communities.
  9. You teach job skills to our young people.
  10. Your excellent reputation attracts people to live in our communities.
  11. You are an economic development driver in our communities.
  12. You help maintain the physical and mental well-being of the youth in our communities.

Events also were held in Green Bay, Appleton/Fox Cities, and Whitewater, among others. Here is just some of the coverage on social media: