New census data show importance of unions to middle class

A decline in union membership is a major factor in the struggles being faced by the middle class in America, according to a new analysis of Census data.

According to the Center for  American Progress Action Fund, “Weakening unions led to a feebler middle class because unions are critical supporters of middle-class-friendly policies, both in the workplace and in the political arena. Unions fight for better wages and essential benefits for their members and help ensure that the nation’s democracy works for the entire middle class by encouraging greater worker participation in the political process and defending crucial programs such as Social Security and the minimum wage.

“Strong unions are necessary to maintain a robust middle class, and if action is not taken to prevent their further erosion, the middle class’ share of America’s economic gains may continue to shrink as the nation becomes more unequal.”

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New Census Data Once Again Illustrate Importance of Unions to the Middle Class