No ruling can take away our right to organize, Kippers says

The following statement can be attributed to WEAC President Betsy Kippers, following Thursday’s State Supreme Court ruling on Act 10, the law that severely restricts public employee collective bargaining in Wisconsin:

“Wisconsin educators are disappointed, but no court ruling can take away their right to organize through a union. We are assessing how the ruling will impact our members and any options available. Here’s one thing everybody should know: No law or legal ruling will ever stop us from remaining Wisconsin’s loudest collective voice for students and public schools.”

The case was brought forward by Madison Teachers Incorporated, and received backing from WEAC. In a statement, MTI Executive Director John Matthews said the ruling “is not only extremely disappointing, but is morally bankrupt.”

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling also reversed 50+ years of legislation which enabled public employers and employee groups to work together to make workplaces not only more productive, but safer,” Matthews said. “The quality of life of the people of our great state will long suffer as a result of this decision.” Read MTI’s entire statement.