Community celebrates Freedom Summer tour


Dozens of citizens, family members and educators came to the Arts@Large gallery on the South Side of Milwaukee Friday night (July 25, 2014) to celebrate the Freedom Summer pilgrimage taken by 16 Milwaukee Public Schools students and others this summer. The event was marked by a series of education and art projects developed by the students and exhibited during Milwaukee Gallery Night at Arts@Large, a non-profit organization that connects arts to academics through meaningful arts experiences for Milwaukee Public School (MPS) students.

The Freedom Summer Pilgrimage was a weeklong trip to Memphis, Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery and Jackson, to retrace the events of the summer of 1964, when four civil rights workers were killed, at least three Mississippi African-Americans were killed, 80 civil rights workers were beaten, 1,062 people were arrested, 37 churches and the homes and businesses of at least 30 African-Americans were bombed or burned. The student art work connected the events of 1964 with social justice issues in today’s society. The exhibit runs through October 1, 2014, at the Arts@Large gallery at 908 S. 5th St., Milwaukee.


Students, educators and citizens participated in the pilgrimage.


The tour included tracing the footsteps of Bloody Sunday on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama.